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We publish small-run chapbooks from BIPOC writers. 

We are accepting submissions for:

An unpublished chapbook manuscript (20 - 40 pages of poetry). Individually published poems are fine as long as the manuscript as a whole is unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please notify us right away if your chapbook manuscript as a whole is accepted elsewhere. 

From writers who: 

Have not yet formally published a chapbook before (self-publishing is fine), and have less than 20 pages of published work, and who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of colour. 

What happens if you are accepted? 

Moon Jelly House will offer 20 free author copies of your chapbook and a royalty on all orders. Contracts are negotiable, however, and we will tailor arrangements to meet the needs of our writers. 

Email your submissions and bio to: with the format NAME and SUBMISSION in the subject line. Please title your manuscript. 

Submissions: Imprint
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